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Garden of Life is proud to introduce our new Dr. Formulated Omega-3s—truly the next evolution of fish oil. Fully traceable and sustainably sourced, these Non-GMO Project Verified products are formulated with Specialized Pro-Resolving Mediators (SPM) which are compounds that support normal inflammatory responses in the body†. With six specialized, high-potency formulas, you are sure to find the right product to suit your needs.



Our Top Sellers

Non-GMO Verified

North America’s most trusted third-party verification—ensures that no GMOs were used in a particular food or product.

Marine Stewardship Council

An independent non-profit organization which sets the standard for sustainable fishing by assessing fisheries that wish to demonstrate they are well-managed and sustainable compared to the science-based MSC standard.

Friend of the Sea

Has become the leading certification standard for products and services which respects and protects the marine environment. The certification awards sustainable practices in Fisheries, Aquaculture, Fishmeal and Omega-3 Fish Oil.

Dr. Formulated Advanced Omega

Omega-3 fatty acids are essential nutrients for your body and your brain. Dr. Formulated offers  a high-potency, Omega-3 formula plus DPA in a pleasant citrus-flavored softgel (2 softgels per serving) to support brain and heart health.

  • Supports brain & heart health
  • SPMs support normal inflammatory response
  • 695mg EPA, 465mg DHA plus 30mg DPA

Dr. Formulated Alaskan Cod Liver Oil

Cod Liver Oil has been touted for its health benefits  for years—and with good reason. Dr. Formulated Alaskan Cod Liver Oil provides a total of 1,000mg of Omega-3s.

  • Supports heart, brain, vision & joint health
  • SPMs support normal inflammatory response
  • 450mg EPA, 400mg DHA plus 48mg DPA
  • Naturally occurring vitamins A & D

Paying it Forward

There is possibly no greater threat to the future of our planet, than the health and preservation of our oceans and its inhabitants. We must protect and help clean up these vital resources. We are proud to do our part in this cause by donating 1% of all Dr. Formulated Omega-3 purchases to these fine non-profit organizations.

Dr. Formulated DHA 1,000mg

DHA is one of the most important Omega-3 fatty acids and plays a vital role in every aspect of your health. That’s why we offer this high-potency, DHA formula in a convenient once-daily softgel to support eye, brain and heart health.

  • Supports eye, brain & heart health
  • SPMs support normal inflammatory response
  • 1000mg DHA plus 75mg DPA

Dr. Formulated Prenatal DHA

Dr. Formulated Prenatal DHA provides 500mg DHA plus 55mg DPA in one convenient softgel.

  • Supports baby’s brain development
  • Supports healthy pregnancy & lactation
  • SPMs support normal inflammatory response
  • Tryiglyceride Form - 500mg DHA plus 55mg DPA
  • 20mcg (800 IU) vitamin D
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